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If you’re a mom, pregnant, getting married or love saving money while still living your best life, then you came to the right blog. Here, you’ll find those things and more! I love imparting the knowledge I’ve gained to others – especially since I felt the most unprepared for things like motherhood, pregnancy, and wedding planning. So…I decided to take the things I’ve learned and translate them to a blog which I hope you'll benefit from!

I’m in my 30’s and have an adorable baby boy (Liam) and wonderful husband named Peter. We just got married in September! We live in the Chicago suburbs and love to travel. The tough thing is, we don’t make a ton of money. But I pride myself on being able to pay our bills, go out to eat, and still travel a few times a year. Heather’s my name and finding deals is my game! And now, with a baby, the challenge is even more real.



I love being a mom. It’s a brand new experience for me (obviously!): I’d never held a baby before my own, I never even thought I’d find someone to marry or have a child with-so I never prepared, and I was just generally naïve when it came to motherhood. But along the way I’ve already learned so much and want to share these things with other mamas who are feeling the same way.

I enjoy crafting, baking, finding deals, and planning. Yes, I enjoy planning! I planned my entire wedding, my own baby shower (most of it), and am always the planner when my friends and I take trips together. In fact, I recently became an independent travel agent with Magical Moments Vacations! Check out this page for more info.

I’m a bit Disney-obsessed, too. I’m originally from California and grew up going to Disneyland. Now, I try to make it there once a year. I can’t wait to take my son!

What’s in a niche?

Before starting this blog, I did A LOT of research on how to begin. Almost everything I read mentioned that you should have a niche. I racked my brain and sure, I came up with a few. But then I couldn’t narrow it down. I love planning and traveling and Disney and finding deals and crafting and cooking. So why can’t I incorporate all the things I love?!

I’ve come across so many blogs about so many things and written by amazing women. However, I didn’t feel I could relate to most of them: stay at home moms with husbands who make very good money, and/or entrepreneur moms who made very good money. Good for these ladies! However, it’s just not my life and probably never will be. My husband and I don’t necessarily struggle to make ends meet, but we need to be extremely cautious with our budget and sometimes it’s extra hard to do the things we want. Despite these things, however, I make things work. I’ve gotten really great at planning vacations and events on not much money. I love to bake and cook, and I think we’ve finally figured out how to shop on a tight budget.

I hope you find this site useful, exciting, and interesting!


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