10 FREE Pinterest Templates To Help You SLAY The Pinterest World

10 free pin templates to help slay the pinterest world

I don’t know about you, but when I first started making pins I struggled with ideas. I never knew where to start and sometimes I just threw something together (and you could tell). Luckily my Pin making game got stronger and now I don’t struggle as much. I stick to the same kind of theme and template for each one and play around with the title for a bit and BOOM I’ve got a pin!

I’ve created some templates for you to use in case you’re like I was - having a hard time knowing how to make a good pin. All you have to do is download them to your computer and then you can add text to them using your favorite editing program or website. I personally use Canva but there are tons more out there!

If you don’t know what makes a good pin, see my post here on that. It shows you my old pins (bad), their numbers (really bad) and the new pins with extremely increased engagement. Making beautiful pins works!

What you can do with these templates:

  • Add text

  • Change the picture if you want (the point is to show you how to make a good pin and gives you a jumping off point so change the pic if you want! Very easy to do in Canva)

  • Add more elements if you want (more shapes, change the opacity to very light)

10 free pinterest pin templates

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