3 Ways To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Numbers (Practically Overnight)

3 ways to skyrocket your Pinterest numbers practically overnight

If you aren’t using Pinterest for your blog – start NOW. I’m serious. If you aren’t aware: Pinterest is a visual search engine and a gold mine for traffic.

Don’t want to read this right now? Pin it for later!

I don’t know about you, but when I want to search for recipes, mom advice, baby stuff, travel stuff, and whatever else I go to Pinterest. Yes, there’s Google but Pinterest is really where it’s at.

So yes, use Pinterest if you have a blog otherwise you’re really missing out on readers! 

For a while I was using Pinterest kinda here and there. I used it for my own personal reasons but didn’t really know how to use it for my blog. But I did a lot...and I mean A LOT of research and learned the things I needed to do to really make it work for my business.

I wanted to see my numbers grow so I took it into my hands and figured it out. My Pinterest numbers were abysmal and I knew it’s because I just wasn’t using it correctly. But I changed that and saw my numbers change drastically and practically overnight. I was shocked but excited. Since then, I’ve kept up with using it strategically and have only seen my numbers steadily grow!

If you’re struggling to get your Pinterest numbers up (or even your blog numbers), keep reading! And, guess what? My Pinterest e-course is OUT NOW! It goes into even more detail on EXACTLY how to use it for your blog. If you want to enroll, you can do so at the bottom of this post!

1.  Make sure your pins are beautiful and have eye-catching titles

Like I said before, Pinterest is a visual search engine so the images need to be GORGEOUS. Make long, vertical pins with easy to read words and pretty images. Search for stock images (that you can legally use) and use a picture editor like Canva. But also make sure to stick with your brand. You can quickly search for basically anything on Pinterest to see the kind of stuff people are pinning. Here’s a screenshot example of a group board I’m a part of:

3 ways to skyrocket your Pinterest numbers practically overnight

Most of these pins have light backgrounds, pretty fonts, and eye-catching titles. You want to make your titles IRRESISTIBLE to people that they have no choice but to click on it. Here’s where trial and error really come into play – make a few pins for the same blog post and see which do better. Use those results to move forward. I just recently re-did a ton of pins because mine weren’t performing the way I wanted and guess what? They’re doing much better! Here’s a side by side of my pins before and after. You can definitely see why my new pins are doing better!

The right pins are clearly better. They’re lighter, the fonts are nicer and they just look better all around! A light background is important, I’ve learned. And the wording is KEY. Take a look at my pin for “What they don’t tell you about giving birth”. I changed the wording around and added an enticing little quip at the end…looks like it worked because my blog clicks went from ZERO to 349! Woohoo!

In fact, I’m going to give you 10 FREE pin templates right now! I created these with the same mindset that I create my own pins and as you can see…they work! Sign up here to receive your 10 free templates.

2. Pin!

Okay this should seem obvious. But you need to pin and you need to smartly. This means pinning at the right time of day and the right number of pins. It’s estimated that the best times to pin are Saturday nights between 8pm and 1 am. Weeknights from 4pm-midnight are also good times to pin. You should also be pinning every day. Plan on pinning between 10-15 pins a day. You can use a scheduler (like Tailwind) or manually pin. I manually pin but I used to use Tailwind and I don’t really see a difference so you can do whichever is easier for you. You don’t want to do 60 one day and then none the rest of the week. Pinterest doesn’t like that. Pin your own stuff but also pin other relevant stuff. When you pin your own, spread them out. Pin a few of your own (either to group boards or your own boards) and then pin other people’s pins. You don’t want to pin the same pin over and over either – you can pin the same pin just spread them out (usually by days).

3.  Join group boards

This is honestly SO important and really helped my traffic. Find relevant boards to your niche and pin to them. Most require a 1:1 pin reciprocation, which is great – you should want to help your fellow bloggers! Finding group boards can be kind of tricky but it’s definitely doable. There are many resources out there for lists of group boards or sometimes they are listed in blogger Facebook groups. I wish Pinterest had its own list of group boards, but alas, they make us do the work. Here’s a nice list to get you started: https://beautifuldawndesigns.net/ultimate-list-over-100-pinterest-group-boards/

Join the boards and start pinning! I pin to each group I’m in a few times a day. I make sure to rotate my pins so I’m not bombarding the group with the same thing over and over. This is another reason why it’s important to make multiple pins of the same topic! 

3 ways to skyrocket your Pinterest numbers practically overnight

And there you have it! The 3 things that I personally did that seriously EXPLODED by Pinterest traffic, which in turn has really helped my blog traffic. I went from about 13k monthly viewers to 72k monthly viewers! And that happened in about 2 weeks. I’ve watched it slowly climb and I’m continuously working on my account to make sure I’m doing everything right.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to effectively use Pinterest then my e-course is perfect for you. It’s all encompassing and includes EVERYTHING you need to know on how to make your Pinterest blog-ready. If you’re struggling to make Pinterest work for you or you just don’t know how to use it right, this course is for you. I specially designed it for beginner bloggers so if that’s you, I’d recommend enrolling ASAP. Its a small investment for a big payoff!