How To Plan Your Own Wedding! Plus: A FREE downloadable Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist!

Getting engaged is so exciting. And the next step is the wedding! But the thought of planning it is daunting so you want to hire someone. But it’s expensive and you’re trying to keep costs low. What to do?! Don’t worry! You CAN plan your own wedding and still stay sane, I promise! I did it! How, you ask? I’m here to tell you exactly how so keep reading!

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Friday Favorites! 3 Blogs You MUST Check out! (June 15th Edition)

Hello! Here’s another installment of my Friday Favorites. These are three blogs I came across this week that I absolutely loved! I recommend you check them out – there’s something for everyone.

Friday Favorites! 3 Great Blogs You MUST Check out!

1. Sage to Silver

I found this blog through a Facebook group. She posted an ADORABLE setup for a Mimosa Bar and I knew I HAD to feature her blog here. Her site is great because it features recipes, DIY, and home décor (three things I love!) I’m also such a visual person and her site is gorgeous. Here’s a screenshot so you can get a little peek at her Mimosa Bar!

Sage to Silver

2. This Indulgent Life

I came across this blog through Pinterest because of a post she wrote on Mom guilt. It’s very insightful and definitely helped me let go of a little. Aside from that, her site is full of great parenting posts and some personal stuff! It’s great if you’re looking for some more heartfelt reads!

3.     Half Pint Party Design

Another blog I came across through Facebook, Half Pin Party Design has SO many cute ideas for parties. She has tips on budgeting, decorating, menus, printables, holidays…and so much more! This is a great resource for people who love throwing parties (me!) and sometimes need inspiration or just a how-to on affording it all. I highly recommend checking her out!

There you have it! Three wonderful blogs that deserve a visit. I know you’ll find something you like at least one of these lovely sites.


Current Obsessions - May 2018

I don’t know about you but I feel like I go through obsessions like nobody’s business. Usually after the obsession is gone I still like the thing, but I always go through a period where I can’t get enough of something and I thought it’d be fun to share with you all what those things are right now!

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