The 4 Pregnancy & Parenting Books You Need To Read (Trust Me)

I’ve said it before, but I was extremely naïve when it came to pregnancy, babies, and parenthood. My fiancé and I are somewhat of a couple of book nerds, so we turned to what we knew best: books. We asked around for recommendations, and used Amazon reviews to figure out what books we wanted to buy. We bought…a lot. A silly amount, really. But out of the pile, we found a few that really spoke to us – they were informative, well written, and extremely helpful.

I’ve compiled this list and linked to the books on Amazon to make it easier for you. I’ve been recommending these books to all my pregnant friends – I really swear by them!

The 4 Pregnancy& Parenting BookYou Need To Read

If you’re going to get any pregnancy/parenting related books, these are all you need!

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This book is great for anyone trying to figure out how to get their newborn to sleep. The first week we had no idea what to do and had VERY little sleep. One of Peter’s co-workers recommended this book and we bought it the next day. Thanks to Amazon Prime, we got it 2 days later and immediately began implementing the advice it gives. Liam slept 5 hours the first night! Of course, his sleep still varied, but he still slept better than that first week. The book is full of great little anecdotes from other parents, as well as the steps you need to take to get your new bundle of joy to sleep.

With Liam growing so quickly, he was hitting milestone after milestone and with that comes fussiness and lack of sleep. A friend of mine recommend “Wonder Weeks” and I’m so happy she did! This book isn’t chock full of advice, but it does outline the milestones your baby will reach, week by week. It includes stories from other parents as well, which helped me to not feel so helpless and alone. It was so reassuring to read about the weekly fussiness and why it’s happening. Since Liam is still quite young, I’m still reading this one and I’m loving it!

I know this seems like an obvious one, but it really is a very valuable book. It outlines pregnancy week by week, as well as labor and delivery, and even includes a little section for dads. It’s so nice to read about things you’re going through because it helps ease your mind if you’re a worrier like me. I think EVERY pregnant woman should own a copy of this book.

Touchpoints-Birth to Three
By T. Berry Brazelton, Joshua D. Sparrow

It was my sister in law who gave us this book and I’m so happy she did. It reads like a novel, not a text book, so it make sit that much more interesting to read. In fact, I found myself reading it non-stop, as if I were reading a captivating fiction book! This outlines your baby’s progress by month, making a note of the important mile stones he or she should be reaching. It’s great because it goes all the way to three years old! There’s sections on sharing, ADHD, adding a new sibling to the bunch, and SO much more. This book is really geared towards understanding your baby’s emotional development. It’s written by a pediatrician so I fully trust any advice given in this book. There’s also a second book that highlights development of children three to six years old that we already have!

The 4 Pregnancy& Parenting BookYou Need To Read





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