8 Things To Carry In Your Diaper Bag - Summer Edition

I know when I was first packing my diaper bag I had no idea what to put in it! I didn’t want it to be so heavy that I dreaded carrying it but I also wanted to make sure I had everything I would need while out and about. Read on to see what I pack in mine for the summer. The best part: I ONLY have the essentials!

Bonus: At the end, I also included what I pack in my mini diaper bag!

8 things to carry in your diaper bag

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1. Diapers and wipes

This one is obvious. I recommend having about 10 diapers with you – just in case! We buy Costco wipes but I don’t want to carry a huge wipe container with me so I also buy smaller packages of wipes to put in the diaper bag.

2. Extra clothes

I only have 2 onesies and one pair of pants in there. Since it’s summer, Liam doesn’t really wear pants so I don’t feel the need to carry them around. Onesies are nice and light so I don’t mind carrying two around with me. I also have an extra shirt for me (not pictured since I was doing laundry haha) – a tank top or tee so it’s not too heavy.

3.Extra pacifier

We love our Wubbanub, but just in case we lose it (heaven forbid!), I carry around an extra plain pacifier. We normally don’t need it, but it’s nice to have it as a backup.

4. Small amount of formula

We got tons of formula samples and we kept one of the containers to refill with a little bit of formula from our big container. We carry this around in our diaper bag so we don’t need to carry a huge bin of formula around.  We have enough in it to make 3-4 bottles.

5. Blanket/burp cloth and/or a bib

This is definitely a must. Liam is now at that point where he’s making a huge mess while eating and drooling a lot so we need a blanket near by at all times. You could also keep an extra bib in there but we keep both! Blankets are great cuz you can lay it on the ground and lay baby on it as an impromptu play mat.

what's in my diaper bag?

6. Rattle/toy

I only carry around one rattle or toy. He’s pretty young still so he doesn’t really play at this point. I know this will change soon but for now I’m happy to only have to carry around 1 toy.

7. Granola bars

This is a MUST! How many times do I realize I forgot to eat and then I’m out and starving? Umm every day! So I carry around 5-6 granola bars just in case I need to shove something in my mouth so I don’t get super hangry while running errands. I highly recommend keeping a small amount of snacks in your diaper bag! These are also not pictured because I need to restock! Oops, I ate them all!

8. Gum, chapstick, lotion, travel-sized Advil

These are things I normally kept in my purse, so I definitely needed to move them over to the diaper bag. I constantly need chapstick and lotion, and gum is just good to have for when I need a refresher. Plus these things don’t take up a lot of space and don’t weigh my bag down too much.

And that’s IT! I used to carry more, but I never needed those things! I find that these are the things I use the most and anything else can stay home. Don’t weigh your bag down with things you don’t use! Obviously, as the baby gets older, you’ll probably need more things (snacks, more toys), but while he/she is young, make it easy on yourself and only take the essential things.

Also, yes, it's more than 8 because I lumped the last ones together but they're so small I count them as one. :)

In my mini diaper bag:

For those times when I just want to run to the store quickly, I don’t want to tote around my big diaper bag so I find the mini one is perfect for this. I highly recommend registering for one, or getting one. We have this one and it’s so cute and perfectly sized! If I’m going to be out for 2 hours or more I take my regular size diaper bag.

1. Pre-made bottle (if bottle feeding)
2. Bib/small blanket (muslin ones fold up nice and small)
3. Extra pacifier
4. 3-4 diapers
5. Small pack of wipes
6. 1 toy
7.  1 onesie (and really this isn’t even necessary in my opinion but I guess it’s always better to be safe)

I love my diaper bag! Sadly, I got it at Babies R Us, which is now gone, so I can't find it anywhere online!

I love my diaper bag! Sadly, I got it at Babies R Us, which is now gone, so I can't find it anywhere online!

What’s in your diaper bag? Have you thought of any genius items that every mama MUST put in their bag? Let me know in the comments!


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