The Definitive List of What Should Be On Your Baby Registry (& What You Should Skip)

Registering for your baby shower is so fun! I remember doing mine so early because I couldn’t wait to pick out all the cute stuff I thought I’d need for my little one. But it’s also overwhelming – which car seat, which stroller, how many blankets do I need?! It’s all so much! Luckily there are many women before you who have done it who can help you figure out exactly what you need and what you can skip.

Read on and take note of exactly what you’ll need to register for! Be sure to stick around till the end because I’ll include a list of things I think you DON’T need.

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1. Big ticket items

  • Stroller. I got this one from Graco because it grows with baby – it goes from laying flat, to partially laying, to sitting up. It also works with our car seat

  • Car seat. I got this one from Graco because it snaps into my stroller and can be adjusted to hold a baby up to 35 lbs

  • Crib. I chose this one from Sorelle because it can be converted to a queen size bed later and it has the changing table attached, which works for us since we don’t have a lot of space

  • Rocking chair. I got this one from Target because it’s stylish and comfortable

  • Rock and play. Our little one sleeps in this one (he’ll move to his crib soon) and LOVES it. It’s so compact and doesn’t take up a ton of space in our room.

Okay it’s obvious these should be on your list but these are perfect for the registry because your friends and family can go in on these more expensive items together and everyone knows you NEED these things! I’ve included what I got (after lots of research) in case you’re overwhelmed by all the choices and needed a first hand recommendation to help you narrow it down. I also know some people say not to recommend for the big stuff because the chances of someone buying them are low but I say do it. We had a few big ticket items purchased for us so you never know! I also recommend having your baby shower 2 months before your due date in case you DON'T get those items, you have time to go get 'em. 

2. Blankets and swaddles

I will tell anyone and everyone that you need Swaddles for your newborn (read my post here on surviving the first 4 weeks with your newborn). Our baby didn’t sleep well until we realized we should be swaddling (about 1 week into having him home). It helps them feel snug and safe (like in the womb!) I love the SwaddleMe ones because they’re so easy to use. Register for small and medium for when your baby grows out of the small one and you still feel they need to be swaddled. Baby blankets, or receiving blankets, are key because they can be used as swaddles, burp clothes, playtime mats, and so much more. I love the muslin ones because they’re so big and are perfect for swaddling (although it does take some practice).

Stop swaddling your baby once they can roll from back to belly.

Liam in his swaddle! (and with his Wubbanub and on some fun sheets)

Liam in his swaddle! (and with his Wubbanub and on some fun sheets)


3. Bottles and breast feeding accessories

  • Nipple cream

  • Nursing pads

  • Bottles (we like Nuk, Medela, and Avent)

  • Extra nipples

  • Heating/cooling nipple pads (I like this one from Lansinoh)

You might plan on only breastfeeding but sometimes that doesn’t always work the way you planned. Having bottles on hand will help you feel slightly more prepared in case breastfeeding doesn’t go as expected. Keep in mind babies are picky and you might need to try multiple different types of bottles before you figure out what they like. That’s why I recommend registering for all different kinds. Breastfeeding accessories are also great to have on hand just in case! Some people might feel weird registering for breastfeeding stuff, but do it anyway! You never know - someone may get it for you. And if not, you may get a discount if you fulfill your whole registry by buying the rest of the stuff on it yourself. 

4. Pacifiers

Maybe you’re an advocate against them, but in the end your baby will decide what he/she wants. Pacifiers are actually very beneficial for your baby and I truly don’t know where we’d be without one. We love the Wubbanub ones because they’re so cute and our baby loves the nipple of it. We have a bunch of others we received as gifts but he doesn’t really like those as much. It’s smart to register for a few different kinds just to see what your baby likes. We got two different Wubba’s in case one got lost. There are so many fun animals to choose from! We have the kitty and the fox.

Liam LOVING his Wubbanub!

Liam LOVING his Wubbanub!

5. Some fun stuff

  • Toys & rattle

  • Spoons/plates/cup

  • Mobile

  • Playmat (we love this one from Target! It's cheap, cute, and practical.)

  • Sheets for the crib

Okay, I’m all about practicality, but you gotta get some fun stuff too! Even though your newborn is not going to play with toys right away, it’s good to have them ready for when the baby is ready. You can start shaking a rattle for him/her pretty early and starting tummy time early is great too, so get that playmat. Something with mirrors, different fabrics and textures, and sounds are good for baby. We also got some cups and utensils for when he’s ready to eat and now we don’t need to buy those things. As for a mobile, I don’t think you can go wrong. Something with contrasting colors is recommended, so baby can see it. We use ours when he’s really fussy and he calms down almost immediately – he loves the songs it plays and staring at the little animals! I think some people think you don't need one and that may be true for them, but we are constantly using it. Sheets was a good add to our registry because it was fun to choose great patterns and we didn't realized how often we'd actually change them (drool, spit stuff!)

6. Miscellaneous practical stuff

  • Pack and Play

  • Baby carrier

  • Boppy Pillow

  • Baby bath. We got the Blooming Bath and we LOVE it. It's so cute and works great. Pretty soon he'll be old enough to sit in it rather than us hold him and I can't wait!

  • High Chair

You need these things and you should register for them! We actually haven't really used the pack and play yet, but I know we will start soon so I'm happy we have it. Baby carriers are great but there are SO many and babies are picky. You may want to even register for a few different ones in case your baby changes his/her mind often. The boppy is great for feeding but also for propping and tummy time! We registered for a high chair but didn't get it - but still register for it! You may as well add it on there because you'll need it eventually!


Do a diaper raffle! I did one and not only was it fun but we got tons of diapers! I think people like these things because there's a chance at a prize and they like to know they are helping you with the overwhelming task of needing a lot of diapers. We went to Marshall's and found interesting, yet affordable prizes and everyone had so much fun opening them! We only JUST ran out of diapers (Liam is 4 months old). 

Our diaper raffle area - we had a woodland theme baby shower.

Our diaper raffle area - we had a woodland theme baby shower.


What you DON’T need to register for

These are things I personally find we don’t use often (if we have it) or we aren’t missing (because we don’t have it). Obviously every baby and family is different, so take this list with a grain of salt.

1. Diaper genie
We just have a small trashcan near the crib and it works well for us. We didn’t want to worry about another bulky item in our small nursery and we didn’t want to have to buy special bags for it. We don’t miss it at all.

2. Bassinet
I know, they’re SO cute! But baby will not sleep in this long, so in my opinion, it’s a waste. And then it needs to be stored when not in use and we just don’t have a lot of space. We use a rock and play instead and love it. It’s very compact, folds up flat, and he loves it.

3. Clothes
We personally got a lot of hand me downs, so we did NOT need any more clothes. However, not everyone has that luxury, so by all means, register for clothing if you feel you’ll need it. The sad thing is though, he/she will wear those precious newborn clothes only a few times!

4. Wash cloths
In all reality, you can use any wash cloth you already have! Sure, the baby ones are cute but are no different than regular ones. 

5. Bottle warmer
In my opinion, this is a total waste of a registry item (and money). Bottles can be warmed easily by running under warm water and it only takes a minute or so. Save your kitchen space and don't even bother with one of these. 

To recap, here is a nice, concise list of what you should register for. If it's on this list it means we actually use it!

  • Stroller

  • Car seat

  • Crib

  • Rocker

  • Rock and play

  • Swaddles

  • Baby Blankets

  • Pacifiers

  • Bottles

  • Nipples

  • Breastfeeding accessories

  • Toys & Rattles

  • Bowls & Spoons

  • Mobile

  • Playmat

  • Crib sheets

  • Pack and Play

  • Baby carrier

  • Boppy pillow

  • Baby bath

  • High chair

Click here to start your Amazon baby registry.

Am I missing anything? What did you register for and get as a gift that you use? What about the things you don't use? Let me know in the comments below!


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