The 3 (FREE) Essential Downloads Every Mama-To-Be Needs

Are you a mama-to-be? Are you weeks or even days away from giving birth? Congratulations!! You’re about to embark on a wonderful (albeit chaotic) journey of raising a little human! Now, my son is only 3.5 months old so I’m definitely not an expert here, but I do think having a baby qualifies me on some extent to give out a little bit of advice.

When I was pregnant, I was constantly scouring the Internet for all the tips, tricks, advice, and information to help me through it without having a breakdown. I’m such a Type-A planner, so I wanted to exactly what was going to happen and when. Obviously, every pregnancy is different so it’s not really possible to fully know everything, but I did learn a lot.

Even before I gave birth, I knew I wanted to start a blog helping other mamas who may be just as clueless as I was (& still am in some respects!) I finally got everything together I thought I needed and started it. So far, I’m having so much fun sharing my experiences and putting all the things I think people should know in one spot.

Today, I’m sharing with you something very exciting that I’ve put together! A new baby kit that will help you feel slightly more prepared for birth and caring for your little one!

You need these 3 free downloads if you're about to have a baby.png


First, everyone knows you need to take a hospital bag with you when you go into labor – but what goes in it?! I think we all end up packing a little too much we go on trips and going to the hospital to have a baby seems to be no exception. My list includes only the ABSOLUTE essentials! No wasting time or space taking things you truly don’t need!

Second – a birth plan. What goes on it?! I struggled with this one up until a few days before my due date! Talk about stressful. I don’t want you to go through that – I want you to be prepared well before you need to be. My birth plan template includes the things you’ll need to specify and I’ve included a sample to see how I filled it out. Keep in mind some hospitals practice certain procedures so some things on the plan may be unnecessary. But having it filled out completely doesn’t hurt and you’ll feel better knowing you covered it all.

Third – and maybe the most important: a baby care log. It’s super important to track feedings and messy diapers, especially in the first few weeks. This log covers that and then some! Print out a bunch so you can keep tracking even when they’re past the newborn stage. Give them to your caretaker to fill out so you can consistently keep track of their intake and output. We use these and let me tell you – they are super helpful! Some days I really don’t remember how much he pooped and then I get nervous that he isn’t going to the bathroom enough! These sheets help me stay sane.

There you have it – the three essentials every mama-to-be should have. Print them, have em ready, and you’ll feel that much more prepared to start this journey we call motherhood!

Click the photo to download your FREE three Essentials!! 

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