The 5 Items Every Busy Mom Needs

Now that I have a 9 month old, I find myself rushing around to get things done. Running out of the house, rushing to the store, and quickly grabbing things I need is now all on my resume as things I’m an expert at. With those skills comes some items I NEED to make my day go smoothly. Mom brain is real and I forget stuff all the time! But there are a few things I consistently have with me that I don’t think I could get through my day without.

I put together this list of five things I think every busy mom needs. Some are no-brainers and some will make you go “huh, I didn’t think of that!” I’ve included links to help you easily find them in case you’re like “wow, I need that!”

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the five items every busy mom needs


1. Phone cord hair ties

WHAT?! Phone cord…hair ties? Yes! I’ve seen people wearing these and have been so curious about them. I finally gave in and bought them and let me tell you they are the BEST hair ties, hands down. They don’t pull, they stretch (I love being able to wrap my hair tie three times) and they STAY.IN.PLACE. That last one is the main reason I think these are great for busy moms. I know some people can just throw their hair up in a bun and it looks great. But I’m a perfectionist and I have to keep trying until it looks good. And I find that really hard with regular hair ties. For some reason, with these ones, I can put my hair up in a fashionable bun in one try and then it stays that way all day!

These are my absolute new favorite go-to hairtie and I highly recommend you pick some up.

These are the amazing cord hair ties that I swear by! On top of being great at holding your hair, I think they're super cute!

These are the amazing cord hair ties that I swear by! On top of being great at holding your hair, I think they're super cute!


2. Swell water bottle

My husband has one of these Swell stainless steel water bottles and I find myself always stealing it. Well, for mother’s day, he got me my own! I absolutely love it. It’s great for on the go because it will stay cold for so long, so if it’s already filled up from the day before and I want to take it today, it’s still pretty cold! It’s easy to tote in my purse or diaper bag and helps me remember to drink water.

One of the great things about Swell is that there are TONS of designs so you can easily pick something that matches your style. 

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3. Portable phone charging bank

This thing is a life-saver. How many times do I forget to plug my phone in at night? Hint: it’s too many. So when I need to run out of the house and notice my phone is dying, I grab my portable charger and boom! I’m saved. This particular one charges SO FAST too, so I only need to plug my phone in for maybe 30 minutes before I have a good charge going. The last thing I want is to be somewhere without my phone (I use it as my map to get everywhere) so a portable charger is a must for me. Plus, I’ve had this one for years and it’s still perfect!

4. Mini diaper bag

Okay, you can’t really keep this in your purse, but it is a good thin got keep in your car! I got this mini diaper bag as a baby shower gift and at first I thought I’d never really use it. Boy, was I wrong. There are so many times where I just need to run to the store really quickly and don’t wan to lug around my huge diaper bag. This bag is PERFECT for that. It has some front and side pockets so it can still fit a good amount of things. But the point is to only take just a few necessities. I know, at first, it’s scary to leave the house without your full diaper bag full of every single diaper you own, but I promise it’s not always necessary! Get yourself a mini diaper bag and you’ll be so happy you did. I keep it stocked with a few diapers, a pacifier, a onesie, and a travel size wipes package. Then I can easily just grab it and go!

5. Granola bars

I know this seems silly, but I really do rely on granola bars when I’m in a rush! I keep some in both diaper bags and my purse just in case I forget to eat (which does happen a lot!). I find myself in a pinch and super starving and remember” oh yeah! Granola bars! I get these Fiber One bars because I feel like they hold me over a little longer. Remember, if you’re breast feeding you need to eat a little more and more often! Put some granola bars in your bag for those moments when you realize “whoa I’m starving!” and you can’t get any other food. You’ll thank me later

Those are the 5 things I keep with me at all times and I recommend you do the same if you’re a busy mama! Am I missing anything? What items do you find absolutely necessary to have with you? Tell me in the comments!


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