The Things I Loved About Being Pregnant

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Okay, so I know I wrote about the 5 most annoying things about being pregnant, and while those still ring true I really do miss being pregnant! Read on to find out why.

what i loved about being pregnant

First of all, there’s just something about being pregnant that’s hard to put your finger on. Maybe it’s the chemical bond you feel with your baby, but there’s some warm fuzziness there that I do miss. Feeling him move inside me was such an amazing feeling and I REALLY miss that part.

I also loved the clothes! I found some ADORABLE dresses over at Wren & Ivory that are bump and post-bump friendly. I wear the dresses I got all the time and I’m 4 months postpartum AND they still look cute. I know some people might not feel cute while pregnant, but remember: you’re carrying a sweet little baby! Your body is amazing and I encourage you to embrace it!

One of my favorite dresses from Wren & Ivory that I still wear all the time!

One of my favorite dresses from Wren & Ivory that I still wear all the time!

I basically ate what I want without feeling guilty and I definitely miss that. I’m watching my figure much more now and it’s not as fun! I miss running out for ice cream at 9 pm because it just sounded so delicious. I also had a weird craving for chocolate milk so I drank that a lot - now, not so much!

Another thing I loved about being pregnant was the feeling I had in public. At first, when I started showing, I was self-conscious. But I soon got over it, and felt much better about showing off my bump. I had a little baby in there so I figured I should be happy to show it off! People definitely paid me more attention (which makes me a little uncomfortable) but it wasn’t so bad because it was positive attention. 

I definitely noticed I got special attention at times. At the grocery store, sometimes people would let me go ahead of them in line and people would hold open doors for a long time while I slowly (very slowly haha) made my way to the doors. It was nice! This was just a small perk and I definitely did not take advantage of it, but it was nice to people can be helpful. 

I loved that I was pregnant around Halloween so I got to dress me and the bump up! I ended up going as The Kool-Aid man - haha.

Peter & I at Halloween. He's a "90's kid" hahaha

Peter & I at Halloween. He's a "90's kid" hahaha

A random perk about being pregnant - you don't have to clean the litter box! My fiance is such a trooper for doing it without complaint. I know it's a small reason but I still loved not having to do that.

It’s funny – I was so excited to give birth so that I could A. meet by baby and B. not be pregnant anymore but soon after I found myself missing it! There’s definitely something so precious about knowing you’re growing a tiny human.

What things did you love about being pregnant? Tell me in the comments!



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